Essential Oils For Every Need

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Cost Per Drop of Oil

When I say doTERRA’s Essential Oils are much, much, much cheaper than over the counter and prescription drugs.. here’s what I mean.  Most times, you only have to use 1-3 drops of oil to help with an ailment.  For example, my dear cousin’s son had diarrhea.  She tried everything from pepto, having him eat ridiculous amounts of cheese, to using Culturelle Probiotics for kids and nothing worked.  Then she rubbed 2 drops of DigestZen on his belly and the next bowl movement was normal and solid! No more diarrhea!  If she would have stuck with Essential Oils on the first try she would have only spent .26!  That’s amazing!


There are around 250 drops in a 15ml bottle. If you are using 2 drops per application, you can use that oil 125 times before it’s gone!  Talk about cheap!  And the BEST part is.. most essential oils have a 1-2 year shelf life and depending on the oil it could have a shelf life of 5 or more years!


These oils are a must have in any family so you have them on hand, ready to use, at all times!


To order doTERRA’s 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils click here.  I recommend starting with the Family Physician Kit and keeping it in your medicine cabinet. :)



Cost per drop of oil (wholesale):

Basil .08
Bergamot .11
Cassia .08
Cinnamon .26
Clary Sage .15
Clove .06
Coriander .11
Cypress .07
Eucalyptus .06
Frankincense .28
Geranium .11
Ginger .12
Grapefruit .07
Helichrysum .91
Lavender .09
Lemon .04
Lemongrass .04
Lime .06
Marjoram .08
Melaleuca .08
Melissa 1.39
Myrrh .18
Oregano .08
Patchouli .10
Peppermint .07
Rom Chamomile .40
Rosemary .06
Sandalwood .75
Thyme .11
Vetiver .14
White Fir .08
Wild Orange .05
Wintergreen .07
Ylang Ylang .15

Aroma Touch .11
Balance .08
Breathe .08
Citrus Bliss .05
Deep Blue .38 (5ml)
Deep Blue .39 (10 ml)
Clear Skin .18
DigestZen .13
Elevation .15
On Guard .13
Past Tense .12
Purify .08
Serenity .12
Slim & Sassy .10
TerraShield .04
Whisper .29