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There’s a Natural Way To Fight ADD/ADHD!


Do you refuse to medicate you or your child for ADD/ADHD?

I have sent out so many samples to mothers or grandmothers that want to help their little ones fight ADD/ADHD.  And let me tell you… doTERRA’s essential oils work!  The good news is they are natural, safe, and effective.   doTERRA offers Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils that can help treat ADD/ADHD and they are MUCH cheaper than over the counter medications.

The recommended essential oils for ADD/ADHD are:

Serenity (A,T), Vetiver (T), or Lavender (A,T)


A: Diffuse into the air.  Inhale oil applied to a tissue or cotton wick.

T:  Apply 1-3 drops on the bottoms of the feet and/or on the spine.


A recommended blend by Modern Essentials:

Combine equal parts lavender and basil.  Diffuse, or apply 1-3 drops on the crown of the head.


My dear friend Darcy helps her son’s ADD by doing the following:

My son has always had a problem focusing and behaving in school. We started putting lavender on his feet at night, and vetiver on the collar of his shirt in the morning. He hasn’t had a single “refocus” since then. It had been a daily occurrence before that!

Darcy Deck



Contact me if you want a free essential oil sample to help you or your loved one fight ADD/ADHD. :)


Reference: Modern Essentials 3rd Edition by Aroma Tools

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